Yes that's His name

Jesus is the source of life
The source of joy and peace
He for whom we should ever seek to live
He who from bondage gives sweet release

Oh do trust in Him
And comfort and peace shall be to you
When you fall He will lift you up
When you grow weary your strength He shall renew

Oh how sweet is His name,
That name which sets the captives free
That name which cheers the soul
And is strength to those that seek His face to see

Of Him what shall I say?
Yea He is my Saviour, God and King
Yes His name is Jesus, for in Him we are saved
He who is the Creator of everything

Oh hear that sweet sweet name,
Jesus the Prince of life, the Prince of peace, the Lord of lords
Oh how I thank Him for the price He paid
For Him I want to live, whose bound me to Him with most tender cords