Where Hath Mercy Gone?

And so came forth the mob
With their accused in hand
To Jesus the righteous Judge her case to try
And so they put forth their case for why should she die

Overwhelming it was, oh beyond a reasonable doubt she was guilty
Caught in the very act - was their prime evidence
Her missing attire testifying to the same
And more so her expression of shame

What sayest Thou? they sought the verdict to attain
But judge and jury they had already been
For the Scriptures they knew well, they knew what saith the law
But mercy in its pages it's seems they never saw

But to another case Jesus lead them
In fading sand the deeds of all the jury were written
Each man now a judge to his own case
And in the sand their fate could trace:

He shall receive judgement without mercy, that hath shown no mercy
And as each man his own case saw
One by one the stones fell, as each men on his way went
With subdued heart and head bent

And so I muse and wonder,
Have we fallen into the same?
In righteous anger have we forgotten our Father's chief attribute?
Without which no man his condemnation could refute.

And so to the words of Ezekiel my mind wonders
"The people of the land have used oppression" the Lord stated the case
"and exercised robbery, and have vexed the poor and needy:"
"yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully."

A clear case it was, guilty on all counts
Yet even then the Lord for mercy desired
Yea He diligently sought for a man, that should make up the hedge
One that through intercession His wrath would assuage

"But none was found" Thus was poured out His indignation
When He sought for mercy to exercise
None was found with it to harmonise

So mercy was not found for it was never sought
And so I wonder in our seeking for just judgement 
In our seeking for justice to be served
Do we forget to pray that a soul be saved?

Author's note

"each of us are more than the worst thing we've ever done... even if one murders, they not just a murderer" Bryan Stevenson. That is a truth that I believe we need to learn more of; in our dealings with each other sometimes we treat the sinner as the sum-total of his sin.