What does one do?

What does one do, when darkness covers their path?
When you no not if your next step on solid footing shall land,
When the end looks pleasing, but not guaranteed to reach?
Do they journey, or simply stand?

Stand until every way is smoothed and every obstacle removed
Stand until light enlightens the darkness about me
When it shall show if potholes are all that are, or a great gulf that is fixed,
A gulf that says the desired end you shall not see

What does one do when they know not where to go?
When between the safe road and the one less traveled they know not which to take
Uh if only there was a solid guarantee one could have
A guarantee that a back track I shall not have to make

What do you do when darkness and uncertainty are before you?
When doubt beside you whispers in your ears
Then one seeks the goal to put aside and find silence
Then again it comes to mind, and on its heels one's own fears

What do you do when Revelation speaks well?
If only providence and the Spirit could attest the same
As I seek to know Your will my God
Help me ever seek the glory of Your name