Undying love

O what joy is mine to be able write
To write of You, and Your salvation, is my delight
O that the beauty of Your word was ever open to my sight
That I may often have whereof to write.

O that I could write as the prophets of old
Who the story of redemption in sublime language told
The story of the redemption of man, though to sin once was sold
O that this story to my mind more clearly would unfold

That I may more clearly see the truth of the words: God is love
For this cause the Son of God came down from above
Every step of His life was a manifestation of divine love
Long before from heaven did descend that Dove

Long before for His mission He was anointed
Though long the wait, He came at the time appointed
In the fullness of time He was manifested
Yet He who came to save, against Him men contested

O what love is this that I perceive?
Though for His love, cruelty he did receive
Still He loved them, who could such a love story conceive!
Though it be told, few are willing to believe

They believe not because this mystery, they cannot comprehend
Others, unless a sign is seen, they desire not to understand
Though His love is great, few in the end shall it apprehend
Though daily He stands with an out stretched hand

As He speaks I can almost hear him cry
As he questions: My son, My daughter why will you die?
Were it a ocean between Me and you, it I would dry
To seek to save you I shall not cease to try

Though My love you may reject, yet to you again I shall cause it to flow
Though you may despise Me, yet I shall ever My love to you seek to show
To reach you I have bent low
That I might teach you, and that My love you may know

That you may know how much I love you
If you may yet be saved, to death, you – I shall pursue

O if you could see My plans for you
If you would believe, you know not what you could be
O will you not glance upon that rugged tree
Upon which One died to offer salvation- full and free?