Their Cries Now Have Stilled

Their cries now have stilled
No longer is heard the voice of dissent
No longer do we hear the voice of protest

Yet the struggle remains the same
Yet there still remain youth that are not assured of where their next meal will come from,
Of youth, whose dorm room is the library, computer lab or bathroom

A bed of thorns they offer them and say go to sleep
To their cries for an opportunity to succeed,
All that is sent their way are bullets

So is the struggle of youth in the land of their fathers
And the land of their fathers is all they can say it is
For theirs', it is not

Noma sekunzima emhlabeni, we carry on
Sihlukunyezwa kabuhlungu, we still fight
And Lord we ask - Consider and hear our petitions

For how long shall the success of a black child be an exception, and not the norm
But this one thing is sure, if the system does not change, we should not be surprised if the people do
For injustice cannot long reign without awakening a response