The Father Calls for you

O you whom my soul loves
Whose good I ever seek,
And who I would hold in My arms
And give hope when things seem bleak

For whom I gave all, that your love I may gain
Yes My benevolence I exhausted so that I could save you
My only begotten I forsook for a time, that you I could retain
The choice to live is with you, though your life is found in Me

Why do you yet wait, why do you yet linger?
Why not yield, and yield now your heart?
Only surrender, and over sin you shall be a victor
Why wait? why not now from sin depart?

Does the world yet sparkle and seem glorious?
My Son saw the same, but He by faith saw greater
He knew the majesty that awaits  the finally victorious
Yes pleasant it may seem, but what I have in store for you is much better

The diamonds and gold may sparkle and glitter,
But you art treasured more than thousands of jewels
Though pleasant the forbidden fruit appeared, yet its results were bitter
If only men saw how flitting are the things by which they are fuelled

If they learnt from Eve, then they would see,
Yea they would see, that joy in not found in gifts, but in the great Giver
Than would they seek to from earth's shackles to be free

And ever I am ready to open the prison house to the bound
Ever do I wait to proclaim liberty to the captives
And where sin abounds, My grace does the more abound
O that men would see that Satan's ways are ever deceptive

When the temper says your sins are too great
To you I say "Live; 'I have found a ransom.'"
Come now, for you I wait
Come, and in the light of My countenance you shall blossom.