Sabbath's Message

Oh respite sweet
Oh delight of mine
That calls aside the weary soul
His works to resign

That says to man
Let now thy labour cease
And take hold of heaven's gift
And know its accompanying peace

Let thy cares and worry
Be left at the door
Forget them and let God undertake
Lest you miss the blessing God has in store

And watch thy lips
Lest common words slip from you
My purpose is for your sanctification
So leave that which shall not raise you

Six days I've prepared to meet you
I readied my Sabbath attire
And the food which I would dish
For I know what your soul does require

Yea my garment is GLORY
Which if you eat,
You shall receive thy Father's likeness

All things are now prepared
All I ask you bring is a readied heart
Awaiting to drink of heaven's dew
And eat of the bread which to you, life shall impart

I hope your excitement is as mine
To hear the Great Physician speaking
And fear not if thy sins are pointed out
For He wills that you see your need of His healing