Message of the First Angel

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven
Having with him the everlasting gospel to preach
To every nation, kindred, tongue and people
To all whom the Lord sought to reach

Such was the scene that the prophet saw in vision
And a most solemn message the angel had to bear
Thus he swiftly flew to proclaim it
That he might reach all, both far and near 

And not in muttered tones was it to be proclaimed
But "with a loud voice" – that even the inattentive would be aware
For it is the message that draws a line of distinction
And a message that the way of the Lord does prepare

"Fear God" were the words he uttered
And the fear of the Lord is to hate evil:
Pride, arrogancy and all that with the Lord conflict
Yea all that would class one with the prince of evil

Yea an essential ingredient it is,
For without it we shall not be able to heed the words that follow
Yea without it we shall fail to reflect God's glory
Yea our experience shall remain shallow

"and give glory unto Him"
And this the wise man had said is the whole duty of man
Yea to keep the commands of God, thus giving glory to Him
For the Lord wills us to return to level to which we began

And for what cause were these words so urgent?
Why the haste and fervent manner of their proclamation?
"for" says the angel "the hour of His judgment is come"
Yea the hour that shall tell for salvation or condemnation

Holy, holy is how the Lord wills we should be
That when the eternal sentence shall be said:
"Let he that is unholy be unholy still..."
May we among the righteous who did not slight the price Jesus paid

But the angel gave words of comfort and assurance
"worship Him that made" he continued to say
"heaven, and earth, the sea, and the fountains of waters"
Words that remind us of the Lord's sabbath day

Showing us that He that created, is He that can His image in us recreate
He that blessed and made holy the seventh day
Is He that is able to pardon and cleanse within
And the Sabbath still stands to remind, that we from this truth should not stray

Thus indeed he is the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS;
He in whom our hopes of eternal life are centered,
Our title and fitness for heaven,
Thus is He known by all that have His rest entered