In Every Season

In joy or pain
In sunshine or amidst the rain

In trials and tribulations
In doubts and temptations

In the gladness of spring
When birds joyfully sing

Or in the melancholy of Autumn
When sorrow is seen yet unspoken

Or in summer's warm radiance
That almost to sorrow speaks defiance

Or in the chill of winter, when life seems vain
When joy is drowned out in pain

Riches or poverty, whatever life may afford
This one thing I've learnt of You my God

You are ever the same, though circumstances change
Still the same in every age 

Thy works are done in righteousness
Yea ever wrought with loving-kindness

And all You do is for my benefit
And through grace I pray for heaven to be fit

And here be found to be yielded and still
Ready to receive Your will

Cast aside all fear
That I may calmly Your words hear

As I look to the past, I thank you for Your gracious dealing
For You perceive the end from the beginning

Now I ask with Your vision guide
And help me trust and ever in Your will abide