I Tried

In quietness of soul he sits to reflect
To look back at the course his pursued
to look back and wonder – has it been worth it?

Ever busy – ever reaching for something greater
But alas it seems he ever has been shy of the goal
So he wonders – should he have taken things easier?

Enjoy life they told him
But restlessness is all that possessed him
Quietness and peace only lasted for a moment

Then again he would grasped by the thought:
So much more could and should be done to save the lost
So weak he feels, so inadequate to the task

But try he must – he has resolved
Little may be the harvest of his endeavours
But so long as souls can be saved

That is the thought upper most in his mind
To live and come to the end
And be able to say to His Father – Lord I tried

Author's note

My thoughts as I was reflecting on how hard its been trying to become a full time missionary. One thing I can say is that, the challenge of pursuing this goal has made it clear to me that this is truly a goal I want.