Heart of the Infinite

When all is said and done.
When the great controversy at last has been won.

When sin and sinners are no more.
And eternity for the redeemed lies in store.

And God has wiped our tears from our eyes.
And we begin to realize more what in the future lies.

Then shall be gladness indeed.
Yea then joy shall be to the redeemed.

When they behold the desolate earth made anew at last.
Then sadness shall belong to eternity past.

Or shall it indeed? shall it no more be known?
Thus i ask for i believe in one heart it shall remain, though not be shown.

He who gave His only begotten for our redemption.
He who spared no means for our salvation.

He shall ever remember them that salvation did slight.
He shall ever know His children that no more live before His sight.

What sadness shall be to Him who with the lost did so earnestly plead?
He who ever sought His own from sin to be freed.

He who through His prophets did cry:
"Turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die?

"He whose work of punishment is said to be a strange act.
More fully shall the heart of the Infinite be known when one considers the Son's great act.

Behold Him in Gethsemane bearing the sins of men.
Behold Him suffering anguish which no man can begin to fully pen.

All the while He could say: let the sinners receive their just due.
But this He did not say, nay us to death He did pursue.

Even though a way through the grave He could not trace
Yet for our salvation, eternal lose He was willing to face.

The heart of the Father is that of the Son
For their hearts beat as one.

He yet still pleads with you and me.
Won't you consider the love I have for you?

Shall you not now to Me your heart give?
That from Me righteousness you may receive.

And from My will I pray you do not depart.
For I have your best interest at heart.

My ways are in righteousness, yea all my works are for your eternal gain.
Let not, I pray, let not My Son's death be found for thee to be in vain.