Dew of Heaven

Rain, i would love to hear your gentle showers.

Whose dew makes glad the trees and flowers

Where are the thunders that tell your coming near?

Or the dark clouds that tell of coming blessings from on high?

Come and revive us

Yea your blessings over us may they not pass

Come, restore the years that the famine has taken

How long shall you leave us forsaken?

O showers of blessing for you we pray

Come that the parched path may become pools in our way

From whence a cleansing we may receive

And drink of, lest we faint of thirst, though the glorious city we perceive

The dews of heaven I desire, but for the Living Water I thirst

As the hart pants for the waters, so for the Spirit of God I thirst

O our Father, pour, we pray, upon us the Spirit divine

That our souls may be revived