Be Still and Know

"Be still my soul" to you I say,
Be still and know your Father's heart of love
Who delights to hear you pray
That He may send you blessings from above

Be still and know, the Father Himself loves you
His heart of love is moved by your grief
And aglow with the joy of heaven He would that you should be
Yea eagerly He seeks to you to bring relief

O rest upon His arms of care
Be strong and courageous in His might
And fear not the noise of battle that you may hear
For the battle is not yours to fight

O what a thought this is to know,
That in You alone power to overcome is found
And only because of You can one desire Your will to know
Live My Lord therefore in me, and in You may I be ground

Through the tickets of life walk with me
And the story of Calvary, I ask, to me do tell
And though at times the purpose of a trial I may not see
Help me remember You work all things well