Awoken by a Dream

I had thought to go my own way
Thought the cause to betray

Though not in such words did I the thought express
But I see this is the path from which my feet were arrested

With a dream this time He choose to speak to me
What I failed to hear now in an audio-visual I clearly see

Then I cry dear Lord let it only remain a dream
I'll stand on my watch and guard my post

For too great is the cost for selfishness to entertain
Here I am, ready at the altar of Your glory to be slain

Oh how incessant is the plague of sin?! Oh great the evil!
As a sword upon the land it minds not who it slays

So from the battle I shall not flee
For too precious is Your heritage for me to allow such a possibility

All I ask is for strength for the task You have appointed
So shall I man the post you have set me upon

Telling of salvation and glory hard to fathom
Only I plead dear Lord, let not that dream prove reality

Let not my neglect end with such tragedy Yeah let no one’s blood be required at my hands
But only the fruit of the labour You had given me

Author's note

I do not remember the dream that I had, but one thing I have learnt in life is that a reason why sin as attractive as it does to us is because we do not reason matters from cause to effect. Could we glimpse the end of the path, we would quickly shun its allure; for death is all it really offers in the end.