A soul bemoaned (a fearful thought)

Self-deceived, righteous he thought he was
A good man he was said to be, But alas, it was all but a farce
His lie he thought to conceal, all the while God could see
Now his lost, and where is the esteem that he sought?
Where now are the praises he loved to hear?
Too late he sees, with his soul those were bought
Oh so close was he, but alas, he is not here
Yea almost he was saved, almost he was a Christian
But now he is not almost, but wholly lost
And shall we say God did not seek to heal his condition?
Nay, for him God thought no price was to high a cost
He gave the best, nay, He gave all heaven for him
But alas, a nominal acceptance has proved his ruin
His Christianity was but a dream
He thought for the truth he would die, all the while it had died within
So is the case of all whose works are to be seen of men
Now indeed they are seen, now are they on the center stage
Now is seen the motives that lurked within
Now its clear what they sought - not the glory of God, but men's homage
But now none bow before them,
Now only bowed heads of sadness
And the disappointed look of He that died their souls to redeem
Almost asking - "why did you not love righteousness?!!"
"Not with the saints are you now, whose praises you sought
And never thought to praise Me before them And was it worth it?
Now all your goodness has come to nought
Was sin so dear that heaven you could forfeit?"
What more could God have done?
What more could He have said?
Now with the Devil and his angels are they classed
Yea with him whose fellowship they shared
One in life, now one in the fires of hell to be cast
But nevertheless all now know that God is just and true
Yea even "now Satan bows down and confesses the justice of his sentence."
Each now receives his recompense, each what to him is due 

What a sad fate, to be separated from the Father's presence