A Sinner's Plea

Oh how deceived and blinded I had become
But now more clearly I see Thy righteousness
Unto You Oh Lord belong mercies and forgiveness

All glory and honour and praise belong to You
You who my spirit through Your word can renew
And O my Father help me I pray Thy whole likeness to pursue
Uh yea let not my eyes fail me as I seek to be like You

Thou hast been my comfort in the night
I cannot I cannot succeed in my own might
But o what a glorious view is before my sight!
He who died for my salvation still in mercy does delight

Uh take me, take my heart and make it Thine
Let not this sinful heart be any longer mine
Cleanse purify, yea my mind and heart refine
That I may delight not in my will but Thine

Wholly Thine wholly Thine may that be the song of my life
Fill me with Thy words of peace that hush strife
No longer I but Thou be exalted on high
Yea Thou God of peace

 May I be Your thought made audible is my plee
That my words thoughts and action speak only of Thee
Holy and most righteous Father Your face I want to see
And by and by be with those that from Your presence don't flee

This is my soul's desire, to labour and be used by You
But not as Balaam but be a truly willing servant for You
Uh may my death be not as his, hoping, but never saved
Lord reign and reign supreme

Holy art Thou
Glorious in power
Of great compassion
Uh may Your heart be my passion