A Better Sacrifice

Strangers and pilgrims are we in a desert land
Seeking a City with sure foundations
Whose Builder and Maker is God
And wherein shall enter the heirs of salvation

As we journey on the narrow way
We sweeten our journey with songs of praise
To Him which is and which was and which is to come
Yea to the Almighty our voices we raise

And in song the pilgrims ask how far from home
How long till we shall stand on Zion's hill?
With all the host of the redeemed
Yea with all that delighted to do God's will

Sweetly comes the reply to the pilgrim company
The night is far spent the day is at hand
Sleep not therefore, but be sober and vigilant
For soon you shall reach the promised land

O what words of encouragement to the pilgrims these be
What words to inspire with zeal the Christian soldier
Though long in the battle they've fought
But soon the battle shall be over

Soon in the eastern skies the Sun of Righteousness shall arise
Soon the King Eternal to His redeemed with salvation shall appear
O what a day shall that be
When the covenant of peace we shall hear

Glorious indeed that day shall be
When the mountains shall melt and the perpetual hills be brought low
When the earth shall tremble at His approach and the waves lift up their hands
Yea on that day our God His power shall show

And as the prophet declared in holy vision
He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations;
Yea the Lord shall make a clear divide between the own and the world
He shall separate the sheep from the goats among the nations

Though His coming is called the blessed hope
Yet not all shall rejoice in that day
Though glorious shall be His arrival
Yet many shall seek to hide away

So as we journey let us think of the words of Peter
Seeing we seek such things, what manner of persons ought we to be
Yea in all holy conversation and living
When men look at us what should they see?

As we profess to be strangers and pilgrims
Do our lives confess the same?
Are we clad in Christ's righteousness?
Or when He shall return shall we have cause to hide in shame?

So my brothers and sisters as we praise and worship
May our sacrfice be not be like that of Cain
Unmingled with the righteousness of Christ
May we not draw near the Lord with our lips, but yet worship in vain

But I return to the question posed
When men look at us what should they see?
We are called Christians
But do our lives to the Pattern agree?

As Jesus of Nazereth went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed
Are our hands found in ministries of love?
Are our feet shod with the gospel of peace?
Are our voices heard telling of the Saviour from above?

You see, to have no care for the lost or needy is to deny your Redeemer
Do not say to yourself pilgrim, I cannot help for I rush to meet my Saviour
For in so doing you verily leave your Saviour behind
How can such neglect be looked upon with favour

When He Himself said, What you have done unto the least of these
My brethren you have done it unto Me
So as the hymn says:
As He died to make men holy Let us live to make men free

Such is the sacrifice God with which God is well pleased
Such is the offering He shall delight to look upon
When we shall have entered the pearly gates
He shall rejoice over us with song